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Nam Hyun Cho (조남현)






Meet our visionary President and Founder – an Architect boasting over two decades of expertise in design and construction. After immigrating from South Korea to the US, we understand firsthand that opportunities are not always given on a silver platter, and that it takes hard work and dedication to create them.

Since our inception in 2001, we have successfully completed over 250 projects. Today, Cho's Home Development stands tall as one of Bay Area's most revered family-owned companies, celebrated for its unparalleled experience in designing and constructing flawless finishes for new builds. Trust us to transform your dream space into a stunning reality.



Our work is all about seamless perfection in finishes. Our mission? Striking the ultimate balance between functionality, practicality, and drop-dead gorgeous aesthetics of materials & elements. We specialize in full home renovations and dive deep into the world of wood, glass, marble, paint – not just as standalone pieces, but as the very building blocks that elevate our clients' lifestyles to new heights.



At the heart of our mission lies the fusion of your vision with our architects' cutting-edge expertise and unwavering eye for detail. We're all about capturing those nuanced and pivotal elements that define your lifestyle, weaving them seamlessly into your living spaces. Each client is a masterpiece of uniqueness, a captivating tale of life, and your home will be the very canvas that reflects your extraordinary story. Let's craft a space that's undeniably you.



We've mastered the art of blending effectiveness, practicality, and jaw-dropping aesthetics in all our materials & elements. Ranging from new builds, home additions, kitchen design, and more. Get ready to experience a whole new level of living!

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